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Our publications and merchandise are all available by mail. To order a product, please send a check payable to the Montgomery County Historical Society and enclose $3.50 (for booklets) or $9 (all other books) for postage and handling. Our mailing address is PO Box 127, Crawfordsville, IN 47933. Please contact us if you have questions.

Corn Family $3
C. Pauline Walters details the genealogy of the Corn family. She traces the family's migration through Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana beginning with the birth of George Corn's son, Timothy, in Mercer County, Ken., in 1760. Booklet. 39 pages.
Abolitionists of the Underground Railroad: Legends from Montgomery County, Indiana $20

A recently released book by Shannon Sullivan Hudson, a Montgomery County Historical Society and local teacher, is now available at Lane Place. "Abolitionists of the Underground Railroad, Legends from Montgomery County, Indiana" is a comprehensive look at the many Montgomery County citizens and organizations that were part of the massive, yet “underground”, movement to assist slaves in their quest for a new life. Hudson begins the book in 1746 and her exhaustive research leads the reader on a fascinating trip back in time. Phone (765) 362-3416 or e-mail for your copy. $20.00
Athens of Indiana $27
Author: Karen Bazzani Zach's account of the founding of Crawfordsville in 1823 by Ambrose Whitlock is a fascinating beginning to the history of Athens of Indiana. Zach takes us through the years to native Joe Allen's ascent into space on a shuttle in 1982 and beyond. Paperback. 160 pages.
Transportation: Volume One
70 pages of color illustrations of engines and support equipment used by CSX through the years by Allen Hepler. Paperback
Family Histories of Montgomery County,Indiana $35
This 413-page, completely indexed, embossed hardbound book is an absolute must for anyone interested in the genealogy or history of Montgomery County. Over 1,000 family histories are included plus numerous historical articles.
Indians of Montgomery County, Indiana $10
Bridgie Brelsford, local history librarian, answers many questions concerning the Indians of Montgomery County, Indiana. Mostly fact, the 221-page fully indexed hardbound book adds interesting tales of local Indian legend.

Kirtley Kronicles $5
 An autobiography by James Marion Kirtley, M.D., a prominent physician in Montgomery County, includes interesting stories about life in the Midwest from the early 1900s. Kirtley relates his experiences as he began his medical practice and was then called to duty in 1940 in the U. S. Army. He brings his military service to life as he recounts historical as well as personal accounts of World War II. Kirtley tells why restoring the tower that was removed from   the Montgomery County Courthouse became an important crusade for him. Hardbound. 230 pages.
Martha Hutchings Griffith $3
Professor James and Patience Barnes depict a beautiful tale about one of Indiana's pioneer women doctors. Public health and children were her special love in Montgomery County. Professor Barnes is a professor emeritus at Wabash College, where he taugt   for 44 years and was the department chair and Hadley Professor of History. Booklet. 12 pages.
Meredith Nicholson: A Writing Life $20
Author Ralph D. Gray notes in this biography that Nicholson stands as the most Hoosier of all Indiana writers, serving as an outspoken advocate for his state. Indiana literary historian Arthur S. Shumaker called Nicholson the most rabid of Indiana's major         authors. Nicholson is best known for national best sellers Zelda Dameron and The House of a Thousand Candles. 281 pages.
Meredith Nicholson Reader $25
An introduction to the writings of one of the so-called "Big Four" in Indiana's Golden Age of Literature is presented by author Ralph D. Gray. Meredith Nicholson is the least known of the quartet that included James Whitcomb Riley, Booth Tarkington and George S. Ade. Nicholson was a talented, versatile and remarkably prolific writer. The collection features a number of articles on Indiana and American politics and chapters from three of his books. Other selections illustrate Nicholson's patriotism, his love of America, and his talent for describing the lives of people, particularly his close friend and fellow poet, James Whitcomb Riley. An entertaining reader designed to restore writings by Nicholson to bookshelves in homes, schools and public libraries, and revive memories of him in Indiana and throughout America. 354 pages.
Montgomery County Courthouse $8
This informative hardbound 239-page book written by Rebecca Neideffer, county clerk, annotates the construction of Montgomery County's interesting courthouse, its unique clock tower, and the people involved in its history.
Montgomery County Medicine Men and Women $5
Karen Bazzani Zach paints a history of physicians from John Yeaman, the first doctor listed in Montgomery County in 1831, to those who served during the Civil War and beyond. The book covers those physicians born in 1850 or before. Paperback.102 pages.
One Hundred Years of Public Power, Crawfordsville Electric Light and Power
1890-1990 $5

An interesting how, what and when account of electric power in Crawfordsville through the years. Author Pat Cline enlightens the reader on how Crawfordsville residents were startled at seeing the night sky lit up and pouring through the trees when it was first introduced. Hardbound. 341 pages. Interesting for everyone because the introduction of electric power probably happened about the same way at different stages all across America. $5
Sugar Creek Through the Years and How it Developed $3
Helen Collar, local historian, discusses Montgomery County's cherished natural landmark, Sugar Creek, through the years and how it developed. Booklet. 23 pages.
Two in the Bush $28
Two in the Bush is a unique book by author, Dian Moore, that recounts her parent's adventure of settling in the northern Ontario wilderness through her father's diary. John Austin Moore left Indiana with his wife, Ruth, and family in 1946 to settle in a remote area in Canada that was accessible only by boat. His diary documents the three years they spent searching for a perfect location and the amazing do-it-yourself accomplishments of the family in extreme weather conditions. Ms. Moore was a small child at the time but was old enough before they returned to Indiana to remember the expedition. She has returned to Ontario numerous times and revisited the former homestead and surrounding area. She is a member of the MCHS board of directors and the Montgomery County, Indiana Genealogist. Paperback 214 pages.
Willis Thompson May $3
Colonel May's personal reminiscences provide images of life in Montgomery County more than 100 years ago. Booklet. 38 pages.










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